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    Sneak Preview of Adobe RoboHelp 9, FrameMaker 10 and TCS 3!

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      Just saw this on RJ Jacquez' blog. As many of you know, RJ is the evangelist for Adobe's Technical Communications and eLearning. In case you were wondering about Adobe RoboHelp "Next", stay tuned for RJ's sneak peaks! Follow his blog here


      "For  the last couple of weeks, I’ve been traveling across Europe, where I  had the opportunity to attend and speak at the Tekom conference in  Germany. My next stop was Paris where I participated in an event   with  our partner, Antea, entitled Forum Technical Communication Suite 2010, where I presented on various topics, including the impact of Social Media in Technical Communication. From there I headed over to Amsterdam where I presented alongside our partner Sabern, on our Adobe Technical Communication Suite, in our Adobe offices.


      One presentation in particular that resonated well wherever I went was "From Static Help to Community-based User Assistance,"  where I started talking about how traditional Help has remained static  for 20 years and yet so many revolutions have taken place along the way,  namely Social Media, Explosion of Information (i.e. user-generated  content), Search, Video and Mobile, and then provided practical ways and  examples of how we should leverage of all these trends moving forward.


      I also had the unique opportunity to open up to our customers and  share some of the exciting things we are working on for the next major  versions of our Technical Communication products, including FrameMaker  10, RoboHelp 9 and the whole Technical Communication Suite 3 software.

      The thing I’m most excited about now that I’m back, is the way in  which our customers will be able to leverage the upcoming functionality  in all of these tools for creating the next generation of  Community-based User Assistance, which will include experiences  end-users have come to expect because of all these revolutions.


      The good news is that I now have the green light from my team to  start blogging and posting short videos on Adobe TV about what you can  expect in FrameMaker 10, RoboHelp 9 and unique features in the Adobe  Technical Communication Suite 3.

      My next blog post will be the first of many posts dedicated to sneak peeks."


      Thanks, RJ. What a great holiday surprise!



      John Daigle
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