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    Extension name and version

    Emanuele Radaelli Level 1


      I built an InDesign Extension using Flash Builder 4 and CS Extension Builder libraries.

      Extension works good, I just want to change its name and version as I see it in the Extension Manager CS5 (under Extension column I see: "com.example.exampleExt"...).

      How can I do?

      I tried editing the manifest.xml file but it didn't work.


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          Bob Stucky Adobe Employee

          Hi Emanuale,


          I assume you are referring to the manifest.xml file located in the bin-debug folder, correct?


          If so, that manifest file is generated. The manifest file you need to edit is in the ".staged-extension" folder. That folder, by default, not visible in Flash Builder.


          To make it visible, open the Package Explorer, look at the icon to the right of the tab. One will have "filters" as a tool-tip. Click that icon. Deselect the ".*" at the top.


          Edit the manifest.xml file in .staged-extension/CSXS/





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            david_a_clark Adobe Employee

            You can also edit the manifest file through Extension Builder's Bundle Manifest Editor tool.


            To open the editor, right click your ExtBuilder project, then go to CS Extension Builder -> Bundle Manifest Editor.


            To edit the bundle ID and version, click the Bundle tab and edit the fields under General Information.


            To edit the ID and version for a particular extension in a bundle, go to the Extension tab, and edit the info in the General Information section.

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              Emanuele Radaelli Level 1

              Thanks, it works!

              I have other questions.


              1) How can I change the name of the extension in the "Window/Extensions/" InDesign menu?

              2) While installing the extension the Extension Manager throw me an error: "Impossible to determine the author" (I translated it from italian so it may be a little different...) but the extension is installed succesfully. I also see this message in the "Advanced" tab. I specified author through Bundle Manifest Editor... what's the problem?



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                Emanuele Radaelli Level 1

                Mmm... I don't know what happened but since I exported and installed the new version when I select it form the InDesign Winows/Extensions menu it load the old version.

                Is there a way to delete all previous/test version of an extension?