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    Using CTRL+Mouse Click as Action


      I recorded a s/w simulation where I want the user to follow a sequence of keystrokes to ensure comprehension. I came across one sequence which I cannot get to work. I go into properties of the click box and select Actions>Shortcuts to record the key sequence CTRL + Left Mouse click but it does not record the CTRL key when combined with the mouse click. If I use CTRL plus some other keyboard key it works fine. Currently using the mouse click alone will allow the user to go to the next step but in the s/w this will not work so could be misleading.


      Does anyone know how to overcome this hurdle or if it is a s/w limitation do you have any suggestions to mitigate it? I was thinking of having the key sequence as a test question to ensure those taking the course absorbed the information.


      I found another thread a couple of years ago where it sounded like it was not possible but was curious if things have changed as I am using Captivate 5.