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    Chart Axis Labels Not Always Accepting Style Properties

    Gregory Lafrance Level 6

      I have two charts as seen in the following screenshot and in one my style properties are taking effect, in the other the style font size is not taking effect for one of the axis.


      I have this CSS which I know does affect some areas of both charts:


      BarChart, ColumnChart, PieChart, LineChart, Series, ChartItem, PieSeriesItem, AxisRenderer, ChartLabel
          font-size: 16;


      I also have axis renderers defined:


          <mx:AxisRenderer axis="{lineHorizAxis}" fontSize="16"/>
          <mx:AxisRenderer axis="{lineVertAxis}" fontSize="16"/>

      The left chart where axis labels are styled properly has 10 data items coming in, and the right chart has 6 items coming in.


      I don't know why the axis font size is being ignored in one case, but more importantly, how can I prevent it from being ignored (even if it is due to longer strings, in case that may be related).