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    Error #2032

      Hi, everyone

      This error drives me crazy. It is almost the end of the project and everything was going fine until I put my flex application and my .NET web service ( which flex application talks to ) on our testing server ( Windows Server 2003 ) .

      Our project is a website with a flash embeded in. This flash application will get data from web service and display them. Everything went smoothly if I connected to the server and browser the website on my own PC ( Windows XP). I tested it with both IE7 and Firefox.

      However, when I tried to test the project on the server itself, it is broken. ( My server got IE6 installed ) The problem seems have something to do with WSDL of web service. If the WSDL begins with http://localhost..., it is working fine( If I use localhost, I can't access it remotely) . But if I changed localhost back to the computer name, it got "Error #2032: Stream Error".

      I have already put crossdomain.xml under the root of web server. What else do I need to do?

      I saw some people talking about service-config.xml. But I am not using FDS now? Do I need it????How?

      Please Please Please Help!!!!

      Thank you very much.
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          cialeen Level 1
          I got the problem solved but I don't understand why.

          I added a diffrent host name for the local IP Address in the hosts file and used this name instead of computer name in the wsdl for the Web Service. And it works for both locally and remotely!!!

          I don't understand why, becasue if I use computer name, I still can browser the website through my own PC. It just did not work with the server itself.

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            Flex Builder 3

            I can't get rid of Error #2032. Even with just the HTTPService call to a local url using creationComplete brings up the error.

            Tried the following attempts to fix it...
            - Project/Clean...
            - rewriting from scratch
            - crossdomainpolicy.xml (for server test)

            I did have a version running on localhost via PHP which could add data to an SQL table, but it sent nothing back.

            Any ideas please?
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              Phread Level 1
              Further info about above post. This condition applies to a WindowedApplication. So is there something in AIR I have to change?