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    Create Slideshow in chinese?

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      Hi. I would like to create a Slide Show using the Slideshow Maker included in Fireworks CS 3. But if I open the Tool, some of the Buttons are in chinese and the others are sometimes in german and sometimes in english (e.g. "Create" and "Abbrechen"). I use Windows XP Pro in german. Can anybody help me.
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          Hi. The same thing happens to me with the french version of Fireworks CS3... Part of the Slideshow tool is in asian characters, some buttons are in english. It does not look very clean and I must say I am not very keen on oriental languages...
          I sent a ticket to the support on July 2nd, 2007 but as you surely expect, no answer so far. I use a french WindowsXP SP2 - Home version.

          Last point : the latest english is 9.0.1.* whereas french one is still in 9.0.0.*. What about the german one ?
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            the german version is