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    clicks and pops with short fades on mixdown only

    RunRodriguez Level 1

      I am getting clicks and pops on some fade ins and outs (both crossfades and singular track fades), but not during previews, only in the mixdown/export. These same fade ins and outs worked fine on a pc (some of them are from an xml pc session). The problem only occurs on very short fades, when the fade is shorter than 1/30 second (1 frame of standard video). Also interesting, if I bounce to new track only the two clips being faded, sometimes it works fine, but if I bounce/mixdown/export the entire session, I always get the clicks and pops on these short fades.


      I've tried shutting down, deleting the preferences and starting again, but it did not help.


      I am using:


      OS X 10.6.5

      2.6 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo

      4 GB RAM