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    meta data and data asset management

    Rees Candee


      I am looking for suggestions and or products that can support managing our footage.


      Our goal is for an editor to search for a clip using the  data entered in the “description” (metadata) field of clips and sub-clips  that have been logged in various projects. 

      Here is the outline. 

      We record clips of high def footage and we import batches of these clips; sometimes a few dozen,  and sometimes thousands.  We bring these batches into a Premiere Pro CS5 project by importing the video clips from within a P2 card folder structure, or avchd, or dslr footage or ??/any format we collect...


      We log a description of the clips and of sub-clips, and then we edit a film from those elements.    After 1 project, or after 50 projects, we have all the detailed description (metadata) we've entered about each clip and sub-clip captured, and this data lives within the CS5 project. We can only search it from within the original project.


      If we start a new project and we need to look back at footage from old projects, we can only search for footage by going into that old project .  We would like to have the metadata write back to our archive (or a copy of the footage in a new archive.)  If the archive and the clips and sub-clips had the metadata from the project we could search and find assets.  Among the obstacles is that sub-clips share the name of the clip it comes from so there is no “place” for it’s metadata.  We've tried using Project Manager>Collect Files & Copy to New Location but the subclip .mxf files created through this process are copies of the source clip despite being labeded "random.subclip001".   When imported, this "random.subclip001" file shows up in Premiere as the original "random" source clip name.


      We are looking at a small library – but it’s big for us.  About 20 terabytes…  A typical client might have 4-6 terabytes of assets we would like to look through for a shot, or an interview…  Has anyone made inroads on this?


      Many thanks for any thoughts and ideas.





      Rees Candee