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    DragManager issues under AIR


      The following help documentation for Flex 4 does not appear to be valid when running under AIR (Flex 4.1).  Changes to these entries in the style sheet appear to have no effect. Is this a known issue, and/or is there a workaround?  I want all of the drag cursors to be mapped to the standard arrow cursor, and want to handle all other feedback via the drag proxy and the drop indicators.


      Another (seemingly well known) issue in AIR is that the imageAlpha parameter of DragManager.doDrag() is simply ignored. Previous queries suggest that it was hardcoded to alpha 1.0 (fully opaque), whereas now it seems to be hardcoded to 50 percent. I actually want the previous behavior of fully opaque. Is there a workaround for this issue as well? Most (all?) of the posts on this issue appear to have gone unanswered.


      Thanks for any assistance!


      From the docs:

      Example: Setting the cursor styles of the DragManager

      The DragManager uses styles to control the display of the different cursors used during the drag and drop operation, such as the move and copy cursors. The cursors are defined as symbols in the Assets.swf file in the flexInstallDir\frameworks\projects\framework\assets directory.

      By default, Flex defines the cursor styles as if you had used the following type selector in your application:


          @namespace mx "library://ns.adobe.com/flex/mx"; 
              copyCursor: Embed(source="Assets.swf",symbol="mx.skins.cursor.DragCopy"); 
              defaultDragImageSkin: ClassReference("mx.skins.halo.DefaultDragImage"); 
              linkCursor: Embed(source="Assets.swf",symbol="mx.skins.cursor.DragLink"); 
              moveCursor: Embed(source="Assets.swf",symbol="mx.skins.cursor.DragMove"); 
              rejectCursor: Embed(source="Assets.swf",symbol="mx.skins.cursor.DragReject");