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    1080x 1920 AE Comp  to FLA FILE. the xfl can’t create FLV files greater then 1920x1080


      I need help! My problem is the following:


      I need to transform an AE comp into a FLA file (not an SWF). The comp is 1080 by 1920 (vertical) and I tried to use the XFL file but I get a 1080 by 1080 FLA file when I open the XFL in Flash. then maximum supported by XFL 1920x 1080 (the opposite).

      a) I tried in AE to export a sequence of PNG to import it into FLASH inside of a movie clip, but I only can do this on the first 100 frames then it crashes all the time.


      b) Use different import file types when to import to Flash?


      c) Scale the comp in AE to 608x1080 and then scale on a FLA FILE?


      No success!


      What can I do?



      Thanks a lot!