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    Binary Conversation

      I have a MySql database that has a datafield of 'text'. In the text field is this "2A020D80006C00040006000013450006B69D25450000000000010E414F4C2053797374656D204D7367000200 340501000301010201010029000000004920616D20617761792066726F6D206D7920636F6D7075746572207269 676874206E6F772E000D0009000100050201D2047200040000 "

      I want to convert this back to readable text.

      In my select statement i use --
      <cfquery datasource="dddd" name="ggg">
      select unhex(datafield) as datafieldVal
      from mytable

      then in the output i use ToString(DataFieldVal). It shows be readable text but i also get a bunch of strange characaters displayed. "���| ���y�+��z�i " is there a way to remove this.

      Using MySql 5.0 and Coldfusion MX7 with the MySql ODBC connector.

      thanks for the help.