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    How to load a variable from an XML file?

      I need to use an XML file so I can update one variable every once in a while.

      Let's say I want to load Variable "foofie" into a flash movie, and the XML says that "foofie" is 11.

      What code do I put in my flash file to read what 'var foofie' is from an XML, and what do I put in the XML so I can frequently update what number is stored in 'foofie'

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          cicnats Level 1
          look up XML.load(url) in flash help, it's fairly simple

          in the xml you put, for example

          if foofie is in a database or some other dynamic place, (which I assume, since you want to frequently update to its value) you need to write a script, in php for example, that returns the desired xml data