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    Where are camera profiles stored?


      Using Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit with PS CS5 Extended and LR 3.


      I have searched my hard drives(which are all indexed) for hours and cannot find where the lens profiles are stored.  Googling for an answers turns up various folder suggestions but none are on my machine.  I cannot locate any .lcp files, any .dcp files, .dcpr files.  There is no folder named Lens Profiles nor LensCorrections nor any permuations of those names.  No listing in any of the Adobe directories with lens or camera names in them.


      I also downloaded and installed the Lens Creator software in the hopes that it would point to where the profiles are stored, but it does not.   I'm totally stumped.


      Where would I put an .lcp file so PS or LR could find them?  Both programs show profiles for my camera and some of my lenses, so there must be profiles stored somewhere on my system?