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    Multi-touch recommendations




      I've been using the Audition Beta on a MBP and I'd like to suggest the addition of multi-touch support for the timeline (like pinching to zoom in and out).

      Currently, scrolling vertically (on the mouse or trackpad) scales (zooms) the waveform horizontally while scrolling horizontally scrolls the waveform horizontally (time).

      If you could add in multi-touch support for zooming, that would be great for mac users.

      I believe we can do that in Apple's Garageband, but I'm not about to revert to that now that Audition has come to Mac.


      Thank you.

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          Charles VW Adobe Employee

          Is pinch-zooming horizontally (time axis) the most important, or do you also need to easily pinch-zoom verically (amplitude axis)?

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            I would say HORIZONTALLY is most important, because zooming in on the AMPLITUDE is not done nearly as often (for me at least).




            also, a couple of quick points I want to make:



            .......I LOVE the way UI in SOUNDBOOTH, so I was so excited that AUDITION was finally out...


            .......because I need to use AU/VST plugins, I had stopped using SOUNDBOOTH and got into LOGIC


            .......i like LOGIC, but think it is way to convoluted for what I need a DAW for (professional voiceover), yet SOUNDBOOTH wasn't ENOUGH...



            in short: I'm excited to use the audition for mac! thanks guys!

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              funerator Level 1

              I agree! I usually zoom horizontally (time).

              I'm content with current ways to zoom amplitude.



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                Scott Carver

                Unfortunately, the API's for Apple's extended multitouch gestures like pinch-zoom were added in Snow Leopard - the porting process was started a while before SL, so they simply didn't exist at the time. I'd love pinch zoom and the other gestures too, but I can ASSURE you that we're all better off without it for the moment, given the bug risk of switching around OS SDK's this far along.


                Nonetheless, this is most definitely on our radar for future releases. We want the mac version to feel as Mac-like as possible.


                If you've got any feedback on the mouse gestures that we do support (the two-finger zooming and scrolling), or if there are obvious areas you think we missed, let us know.


                Scott C

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                  for mac means.....

                  right now.

                  sorry but it is true.

                  they're not pc users, treat them like it at your own risk

                  • 6. Something else I noticed about using MULTITOUCH...
                    beachbummitchell Level 1

                    when i am in MULTITRACK mode, i like to use TWO-FINGER SWIPE left/right in order to go HORIZONTAL,


                    but, but, BUT......


                    something is oversensitive and my tracks end up going VERTICAL as well as HORIZONTAL


                    even if i swipe realllltyyyyy sllloowwww and careful, i still get the UP/DOWN effect....





                    i have been using AU beta for the last TWELVE HOURS... i am in LOVE with this software!