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    Can PE7 or PS6 help here??

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      I'm  very keen to animated icons on my webpage. Rather than create clunky  animated gif's I thought i'd create some smoother 4-5 second video files  instead. I assume the ideal format for these would be swf??? Anyway, I  not sure I have the capacity to create them. Currently I'm running W7  with, PremiereElements7 and PhotoshopElements6 (I also have PE1,  uninstalled). Can you tell me if its possible to create swf with what I  have, or whether there is an alternative format which I can export as  other than gif.


      Many thanks, Andy

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          nealeh Level 5

          PRE7 can create FLV/F4V files.


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            Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

            Yes,  you can create Flash FLV files in Premiere Elements. But, as you  probably know, when you include them on a web site, you need to embed a  Flash player on the site or pack them into SWF files, which Premiere  Elements can't do on its own.


            You can also create animated  gifs in Premiere Elements -- but because the program isn't design  primarly as a gif-maker, the results are pretty crappy, in my not so  humble opinion.


            The best program for doing what you want  to do, of course, is Adobe's Flash. Unfortunately, it can be a bit  challenging to learn, and it's very pricey. Although you can find  cheaper "old" versions of it on Amazon and eBay.


            If you  look around, you may also be able to find shareware or freeware programs  that can produce swf files. These programs are not nearly as powerful  as Flash, but they'll likely do everything you need and at a fraction of  Flash's price.