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    I'm sure someone addressed this - interactive video in html 5

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      I'm a longtime Adobe user, as we move toward the future I see the html 5 css3 Dreamweaver pack prepares me for the steps ahead. I would think somebody has already answered this question but I have a client I did some Flash interactive videos for. real simple as rolling over a certain area in the .swf plays an audio clip. The client needs this to be viewble within html 5 so converting the flash to H264 is easy but what about preserving the interactivity?


      I looked around but still cannot answer the client until I know EXACTLY what I'm talking about. I'm excited abiut the Adobe flash converter which I have seen the video on which will no doubt when ready for public will boost my business greatly as Flash created technology moves into the future.


      Can anyone give me an update on how to address the question " can I convert a flash INTERACTIVE swf an HTML 5 standard format preserving the interactive features of Flash?






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          First - There is nothing stopping you continuing to use swf's with html5 as the object/embed code used is still valid and recognised by html5.


          Second - You are probably asking this question due to the fact that the iPhone/iPad does not allow flash content. Unfortunately there is no way to get flash to play on these devices, (at the moment, but this could / probably will change). To use interactive graphics on these devices requires the use of the canvas element and javascript, but unfortunately the canvas element are not usable on current versions of IE, (IE9 does allow them).

          There is a javascript fix that will allow the use of canvas on IE versions prior to IE9 but I cannot recommend its use due to its speed of rendering except for very simple animations, (and I do mean very simple).


          The general opinion of most designers/developers appears to be that unless your target audience is the iPhone/iPad, then continue to use swf's for such items for the next few years at least, after all, the purchasers of the iPhone/iPad did buy these devices, (in most cases) knowing that they could not render flash.