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    pendUntilComplete not recognized

    John Hall Level 4

      I posted this to development forum, meant to post it here:


      I'm working through the sequencing example at

      http://docs.flexunit.org/index.php?title=Fluint_Sequences but regardless of what I import, pendUntilComplete in the following method shows as undefined.


      [Before( async, ui )]
              public function setUp() : void {
                  form = new LoginForm();
                  form.addEventListener( FlexEvent.CREATION_COMPLETE, Async.asyncHandler( pendUntilComplete, 100 ), false, 0, true );
                  UIImpersonator.addChild( form );


      Do I have an misspelling that I'm not catching?  My imports currently are:


              import flash.events.Event;
              import flash.events.TextEvent;
              import flash.events.MouseEvent;
              import mx.events.FlexEvent;
              import org.flexunit.asserts.assertEquals;
              import org.flexunit.async.Async;
              import sampleSuite.tests.mxml.LoginForm;
              import org.fluint.sequence.*;


      And it sounded like it should be in  the Async package.

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          mlabriola Level 4



          To get through, put a function in your test for now that reads:


          public function pendUntilComplete( event:Event, passThroughData:Object=null ):void {


          In older version of Fluint you extended a class which had this method. You no longer have to extend a class so this method is not there. Whomever moved that doc over from the old site did not fix that part of it. I will try to get that fixed and a better long term explanation for you on what to do on this, but I had just a moment right now so wanted to at least give you information which would keep you going.





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            John Hall Level 4

            Thanks Mike.