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    Publishing .fla project including client - server socket connection




      I have designed with Adobe Flash Professional CS5 a .fla project that integrates a client - server connection.

      After publishing it, I have the following issue:
      - when running the generated .exe file for Windows, then the connection to the server works perfectly
      - but when I am running the published .html file, then nothing is sent to the server.


      I have tried to change the Publish Settings.

      When setting the Local Playback Security in Flash menu to "Access network only" instead of "Access local files only" then the last packet that was send using the .exe file is resent once and that's all (the html client does not receive the response from the server and the next connection attemps generate data transfer).

      I guess I have to change some security settings somewhere but I didn't find which.


      Does anybody have a hint ?