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    Using GroupSpecifier with NetStream to send handler to all users in Group


      I am testing some functionalities of cirrus but I have hit a bump. I've set up a groupspecifier that I use with netStream. Later I use netStream.send("handler",param) to try to update properties in the other clients connected to the group (e.g. one changes his background colour and it changes for the rest in the group).


      I am trying to avoid using object replication with netGroup.


      private function setupGroup():void{


      var groupspec:GroupSpecifier = new GroupSpecifier("vid"+GROUP_ID+"_sid_"+SESSION_ID);

      groupspec.serverChannelEnabled = true;

      groupspec.postingEnabled = true;

      groupspec.multicastEnabled = true;

      groupspec.ipMulticastMemberUpdatesEnabled = true;


      trace("Groupspec: "+groupspec.groupspecWithoutAuthorizations());



      ns = new NetStream(nc,groupspec.groupspecWithoutAuthorizations());





      Later I add a listener on a button that, when clicked:


      ns.send("changeSomthing", "000");


      My hope was that it sends this handler to the rest in the group, and as a result changes something with the param 000...

      Is my approach incorrect? Any help or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.