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    password for posting in a netGroup

      in my application, I want only one peson to be able to broadcast messaeg on a group, all others are just listeners.

      I tried to use the function setPostingPassword in conjuntion with groupSpecWithAuthorization as well with the encodePostingAuthorization funtion but it seems that the group created with such functions and combinations of functions is always different than a groupSpecWithoutAuthorization or withAuthorization but without the password specified.

      In other words,
      - either the owner of the group can post with a password but nobody can access his group since the grouSpefiier string are different and the listenner are actually in a different group
      - or I remove the password and everybody can post in the group.

      It seems impossible to create a group that is writable (for some members) and non-writable for some other since the properties that define the password protection become part of the group identifier.

      Is it the case?

      The documentation state:

      setPostingPassword(password:String = null, salt:String = null):void
      Specifies whether a password is required to post in the NetGroup.

      In my opinion this description indicate that the password is only used for posting and reading shoudl be allowed.

      Can someone clarify on this, and if it is possible to block write access to some members, can someone explain how to do it?

      Thank you very much