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    SWF exports freezing completely


      I have a project I am working on, it has zero coding

      , most all symbols are graphic because it seems the movie symbols don't export correctly. I export it to swf and it hands 100% of the time when it is at about 80% complete. I have gone back in and optimized tons of it, and it did not change a thing.

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Between this and your other posting, it sounds like you either have a faulty installation, or your system is incompatible, or you are just doing things that are beyond Flash's capabilities.  Assuming it is not the last, since you indicated you have problems just getting tools to work properly, either of the first two scenarios are possible.


          But posting here to list your issues is not likely to get you any results since these are user to user forums and Adobe customer/tech support do not visit here (though they are reported to rediirect people to the forums to seek solutions at times).


          If you bought the software new/recently, and re-installing has been attempted and failed, then you should contact customer/tech support.  I can only wish you luck in that pursuit since there are seldom good reports in these forums regarding the usefulness of such an endeavor.

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            JayRoot Level 1

            I think I will try that next. I have been told to visit the forums in the past when I had CS2

            by tech support (they refuse to help people that have an older CS. Well I got the newest one (CS5, with a fresh clean install of Windows 7 64, have tons of disk space (TBs) and have 8 or so gigs of ram...I even just tried to create large paging files for virtual memory...but it still froze. I will try tech support again too, just hever had any help from them. I may have gone beyond the limit of flash, I was using the paintbrush to make better images and I have a feeling that flash is made for simpler items. Thanks for the reply though, our school only uses flash, so we are forced to create our animations with them and not other options like Toon Boom or such.

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              JayRoot Level 1

              Ok I may have just fixed it, I changed all symbols to graphic from movie clip (flash likes to auto assign movie clip to symbols...or rather with each restart it defaults to movie clip). The only other thing I did was alter a shape tween to a motion tween to create a fade. Now it works...so when I add then next parts if it freezes again then I know I was maxing it out...but if I add a movie clip and it freezes again I can claim it is the movie clips. I am sure I will be back later with another problem.