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    Multichannel Effects & Busses


      Let me first say that the multichannel support in the new Mac version of Audition is really great.  However, it is still almost unusable outside of the context of 5.1 editing.  Audition would really be leaps and bounds above the competition if you would support multichannel effects and busses of arbitrary channel number (or at least up to something like 64 channels).  There is a community of musicians and researchers working in surround sound beyond the 5.1 concept that would jump on a tool that allowed for this (see WFS, Ambisonics, VBAP, spherical mic arrays - Eigenmike, etc).

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          _durin_ Adobe Employee

          Thanks, Josh.  Implenting a quality 5.1 workflow this round was crucial as it, probably more than other multichannel environments, supports the needs of the greatest number of users.  However, our backend remains channel agnostic and should make it fairly simple to expand the capabilities in the multitrack environment as we move forward.  Thanks for the examples, and if there's any other specific tools or features you would like to suggest that we keep in mind when we begin designing this, please let us know and I'll make sure your notes are included in the feature database.