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    Nvidia FX5000M & Mercury Playback Engine Not Compatible?


      Please help me. I have just spent an enormous amount of cash buying an HP Elite Book (Dream Color) with an Nvidia FX5000M graphics chip. I have checked Nvidia's site downloaded and clean installed the latest driver and while I was there checked that it is CS5 approved...it is,  but Adobe Premiere just does not see it, so frustrating. In the sequence settings the Mercury Engine check box is grayed out and I'm at a complete loss as what to do or even who to speak to. The purpose of buying this hugely expensive laptop is because of the Mercury Engine and the implementation of the FX5000M chip, did I get this wrong, maybe it doesn't support the mobile version. I must say that I have gone to manage 3D settings in the Nvidia Control Panel and selected Adobe CS4 because CS5 did not show is that the problem? I so hope someone can help me over this bump in the road.



      Many thanks, Jennifer