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    Please help...I need to urgently make a minor change in  my website...


      I have no experience of CS5 and need to make a change in my website.  My webman usually makes these changes but is not available.  I have a website and I need to change the PayPal coding but do not even know where to begin, sorry.  I have downloaded all of the files and have managed to set up a remote server to the site with CS5, but that is all.  I know from experience this would take about 30 seconds to do and I have been trying for over 7 hours.  Please help.  I can call anywhere in the world for this help.  I need to send out a email today that is crucial to our company but need to make these changes first.  So to be clear I need to replace one PayPal button on my website.  The website was originally created in CS5.  I have CS5 Please would someone take the time to help me.  Thank you.  Regards, Morgan