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    Embedded Text (?) problem

    Absalom J. Frost

      Hi Everyone,


      I am using Flash CS5 (on Windows XP) but trying to recompile an FLA file from a few years ago. The old SWF worked fine but I needed to change in the accompanying AS file the path to the PHP file that pulled the data from the database, so now I'm trying to recompile the FLA.


      You can take a look at the new SWF here:



      Please enter a word in the text box. One word that is already in the database is repudiate. So if you enter repudiate, you will see a graph unfolds.

      If you move the mouse over a ball, you will see a yellow box appears, devided to an upper section and a lower section.


      There are three types of font identifiers defined in the AS and FLA files:


      defnFontWords = the font for the words on the balls (and also for the original, larger word).

      defnFontLemmas = the font for the upper section of the yellow boxes.

      defnFontDefinition = the font for the lower section of the yellow boxes.


      You can see a screenshot of the Font Embedding wizard for the FLA file:



      I have two problems that I hope you could help me with:


      1. As you see, the defnFontDefinition font does not work, although I have verified that its text field does receive input from the server. Can you help me to understand why?


      2. The search text box (where you entered the word repudiate) is not working properly. Some characters cannot be typed, for example "q". Try it out, can you type q there? Its font in the FLA is Verdana. And I do have Verdana installed on my Windows XP, as you can see here:


      So, what can be the reason that it does not work properly?


      Many Thanks.



      If you need to download the files:

      Download FLA:


      Download both SWF and FLA as RAR:


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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          that bottom textfield failing to reveal any characters means your font is not correctly embedded.


          the problem with your input textfield failing to show some characters means there's a textfield that uses those characters (somewhere in your app) and those characters are not embedded or there's a dynamic or input textfield that contains text entered in the authoring environment.

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            Absalom J. Frost Level 1

            Thank you for this reply.


            The bottom textfield failing to reveal any characters (which uses the font identifier defnFontDefinition) seems to be defined in the FLA exactly the same way as the upper font identifier (defnFontLemmas) is.

            But the upper font identifier works, while the lower one fails.

            So I have no idea what I can do to make it work... if the upper one is defined correctly, then what is wrong with the lower one?

            I will appreciate it if you take a look at the attached FLA and tell me what is wrong with the defnFontDefinition definition.


            Regarding the input text field, are you saying that the Verdana font was not embedded correctly? Well, the Verdana font was not embedded explicitly at all in the original FLA. Neither did I embed it explicitly in the new (attached) FLA, and this can be seen in the screenshot I have attached.

            If Verdana was embedded (automatically) through some textfield in my app containing Verdana text, well I don't see how that fact changed.. since I did not change anything in the original FLA, only saved it as CS5 and published.

            The only change I have done was changing a PHP file path in the AS file.


            So, if Verdana was embedded correctly in the original FLA (automatically, through some other textfield containing Verdana text), that is not supposed to change by my recompilation, I presume?

            Or in the case the Verdana was not embedded in the FLA, then (as far as I know) the SWF is supposed to look for the font on my system.. but Verdana is installed on my system.


            Is there something incorrect in my assumptions?

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              kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              if you have cs4, publish with it.  there are far fewer font issues with which you have to contend.  in fact, your input textfield issue almost certainly will disappear in cs4 (or cs3).


              your bottom textfield issue will probably still remain even when published in cs3 or cs4 but try that first before spending a lot of time debugging.


              (and, i see nothing attached.  also, i don't download and correct files unless i'm hired.  if you have cs3 or cs4, there's a fair chance you can fix the bottom textfield issue using advice in this forum.)

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                Absalom J. Frost Level 1

                Thank you for this reply.


                Unforunately, I have neither CS4 nor CS3. Otherwise that would have been my first bet.

                I only have the MX version from the macromedia days, which crashes with that FLA.

                The original FLA is probably not newer than CS3 since its last modification date is 2007.


                The link to the attached FLA appears in the very bottom of my first message on this thread.


                I did not mean for you or anyone else to fix the FLA here in the forum. I just wanted you to see in your own eyes that at least according to the Font Embedding wizard, both the definitions are identical. Then, you might have wanted to let me know if there still can be a reasonable explanation (other than a bug on Adobe's part) for the fact that one of them does not function as expected in the SWF while the other does.

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                  kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  i downloaded your fla and checked your input textfield.  nothing is embedded.


                  once i embed that verdana font, all the characters work, as expected.

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                    Absalom J. Frost Level 1

                    Thank you for this reply.


                    I've also added Verdana as an embedded font and it did fix the problem, however I cannot understand why it did not work without me doing this.


                    First, I have Verdana installed on my operating system, so it should have picked the font from there, even if it had not been embedded.


                    Also, I think (but not certain) that if a font is neither embedded nor installed on the OS, Flash should pick some default font from the OS.


                    So, I cannot explain what was the problem with the input text field.


                    About those bottom text fields that would not show their content: I have found out that (in the CS5 IDE) in the Font Embedding wizard, under every font you embed (with a font identifier for exporting to the AS), the SWF will only use the first font identifier that you have grouped under that font. The next font identifiers will not function correctly. (I mean, not the order they are listed but the order you've added them to the wizard).


                    So for example, under _sans (which is not actually embedded, but anyway it is a font), only the first font identifier that I've added would work. That always leaves one of them not working (if I choose to add both of them as _sans).


                    So my quick solution to this was to add every one of them under a different (sans serif) font. They look almost like Arial (which is what I wanted).


                    Or another solution that I may try later would be to go to the AS file and point both the font identifiers to a single identifier, which will be the only one to be embedded in the FLA.


                    So, it looks to me as a bug in the IDE, since it lets you add multiple font identifiers under the same font, but can use only one of them. Probably it did work in CS3, which is why I got the FLA set as it is.


                    I think this is solved? (in the mathematical sense of no solution exists)

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                      kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                      you're welcome.