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    Repeat function after x seconds?


      I just wonder if I could make the object "car" to repeat doing this:


      function start_car(){
          _root.car.onEnterFrame = function(){
              _root.car._y +=15;


      setTimeout(start_car, 1000);


      I want it to begin at y=0 and x=0 after like 7 seconds and then repeat going down the y axis as you can see in the code.


      So the car movieclip starts moving slowly from the top going down then  after like 7 seconds when it's out of the scene it begins at e.g x=0 y=0  and going down for 7 seconds then starts at x=0 y=0.... etc, so it  keeps looping.



      What I got so far is that the car waits 1 seconds then moving down...



      Hope you understand my problem


      Thank you!

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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          you should mark your previous thread as answered.




          function start_car(){

               _root.car.onEnterFrame = function(){         _root.car._y +=15; if(_root.car._y>Stage.height){
          delete this.onEnterFrame;

              }; };


          setInterval(start_car, 7000);