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    CS4 how to mask a stack of layers

    HarryPutnam Level 1

      Some how I continue to get terribly confused when it comes to masking.


      I sought to create a stack of layers intended to scroll a poem with some small images throughout the text.


      A memorial point with small images of the people to be memorialized interspersed through the poems text.


      No probelm there.   A stack of text layers and a stack of images... I end up with 12 layers including a bkg of crumpled paper.


      I made a separate layer for every two lines of the text to faciiitate moving it around to accomodate the images.

      So anyway I have my text and images layed out approprieately.  However, some text will run off the screen.  I've always thought that looked bad and prefer to see the text come into view and diappear from view only in the viewing area.


      I haven't done a whole lot of scrolling text but in the past I've managed keeping the text in the viewing area only twith use of keyframes on the opacity of whatever layers are involved.


      Somewhat of a tedious way to go with many layers.


      This time I thought I might try to mask off all but the viewing area..   Then with a feather on the mask to soften things when the text and images appear and disappear at the mask.


      Simple enough to mask one layer using the pen tool, but is there not a way to mask them all at one go?  Or do I have to make the same mask for each layer?  That would probably be even more tedious.


      Also I suspect there is probably some well trodden way of doing this maybe something using neither of the options mentioned here.


      Can anyone offer some tips on doing it with masks or some other way?