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    "Abnormal termination" with Adobe Reader X


      Windows 7, Ultimate, x64 (latest patches applied)
      Whenever I double-click a PDF file from an unprivileged instance of my file manager (not Windows Explorer) I briefly see the splash screen of Adobe Reader X and then:


      Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library
      Runtime Error!
      Program: ...rogram Files (x86)\Adobe\Reader 10.0\Reader\AcroRd32.exe
      abnormal program termination

      Trying to open a PDF from within Adobe Reader X (when opened otherwise) works as expected.


      It's almost impossible to reach your support or report a bug when using one of your free products, so I decided to post it here. When trying to purchase a support ticket, as I thought reports of bugs would get reimbursed as with other companies, I received an access denied and was led to this page:

      Feel free to contact me via the given email address (in my profile) to inquire about further details. I can also offer a download of the log file created with Process Monitor.