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    CFB munches Burrito

    Don Kerr Level 3

      The CFB Plugin for Mac breaks when installed within Flash Builder Burrito.  The first time you run Burrito w/CFB perspective, it works fine.  On subsequent openings, the CF code editing no longer works and the code just displays as plain text.  Also, the Flash Builder Burrito main menu Search button changes to %LabelSearch.  Only way to use CFbuilder with Burrito is to uninstall and reinstall the CFB plugin.  After reinstall, CF code editing works and the main menu returns to just Search.  It is repeatable on every reopening of Flash Builder.  Frequent re-installs of CFB are required as a workaround.  This was not an issue with Flash Builder 4 w/CFB plugin.  Only with Burrito.


      Don Kerr