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    The GPU "Hack"

    BRBurton23 Level 1

      Hello all,


      What are the ramifications of performing the online "hack" that would enable other Nvidia cards...I enabled my GTX 460, and it seems to be recognizing it fine, but then I was a bit worried about violating a EULA (I don't want to do ANYTHING unethical, and if it is, I'll reverse it), or does it just disqualify you from any support issues related to errors regarding enabling the card, or does it invalidate your warranty? Thanks, I just don't have the money to drop $250 on a card right now, and would love to take advantage of the GPU, but also always want to do the right thing, and never violate any agreement...sorry....just want to be sure that there are no ethical issues involved (most importantly), but secondarily if there are any hardware/software problems that could arise....