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    Dreamweaver CS3 incompatible with Contribute CS3

      All my Conribute connections no longer work with DW CS3 & CT CS3. Why?

      1. I have correctly set up a remote connection in Contribute. The contribute connection to the website IP is established.

      2. The FTP connection from DW to the website IP is also correctly established and working.

      3. The connection information is identical for both applications and verified.

      4. PROBLEM: When trying to set up the Contribute connection from within DW, the following error msg appears: "Dreamweaver could not connect to the remote server. You cannot perform Contribute administration tasks without a connection to the remote server. Please fix the remote connection before proceeding."

      5. NOTE: When the "Administer Site in Contribute" (or Test) button is clicked in DW, it appears that several files are being loaded to the remote server before the error message appears. Subsequent attempts at clicking the buttons seems to load more files. Very weird.

      6. FACTS: There is no problem with the remote connection from either DW or CT.

      QUESTION: What's up with this message? Why is there a failure to communicate between these two application that wasn't there before?

      Thanks in advance for any assistance,

      Chris Kane
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          Contribute Connections have always sucked and break for a variety of reasons. There is little acknowledgment or support from Adobe on this issue, and many threads offer cryptic server settings that should only be employed by a qualified web administrator.

          You can sometimes solve the problem by trying some different FTP settings.

          In Dreamweaver Remote Info settings:
          Passive FTP ON/OFF, or Server Compatibility--FTP Performance optimization ON/OFF

          In Contribute Advanced FTP settings, try toggling the settings ON/OFF

          Be willing to blow away your previous Administrative Settings, so you will need to rebuild all of the roles, permissions, and users....