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    Best way to roll back to 5.01?

    Missteach Level 1



      Since updating to 5.02, PPCS5 on W7 throws up errors when capturing from a Canon XM2.  Had no problems with 5.01.  And, don't have a problem using PE8 - in fact I have to use PE8 to capture because PPCS5 refuses to play ball.


      So, what's the simplest way to roll back a version?  Bearing in mind I have the Master Collection installed.



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          shooternz Level 6

          Before rolling back , I would search for a solution to the issue a little while longer.


          Its no big deal to capture meantime  in the other workflow and there are no guarantees that rolling back will fix the issue ( ie. it could be something else).

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            dradeke Adobe Employee

            Yeah, going back to 5.01 is probably not the right way to go.  I agree that finding the problem is probably the right way to go about this.


            Try the standard stuff:

            trash prefs,

            upgrade graphics driver

            clean media cache


            If that doesn't work, here's what I would do.


            I would launch the uninstaller for Master Collection and then I would uninstall/reinstall JUST Premiere Pro.  Once you do that, then run the updater to get Premiere Pro back to 5.02 and see how things go.  Failing that, then I would contact tech support and this forum for additional suggestions.


            Hope this helps,