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    Moving a clip back to the "Organize Panel"


      I purchased PE9 two days ago.  It is installed and working on my iMac w/Mac OS 10.6.4.  I have some old home movies that were converted from 8mm to <.mov> files.  The <.mov> files will import to PE9 Organize Panel OK, no problem.  The resulting clip (large--about 1 hour 30 minutes) can be dragged down to the Sceneline and I work on it in the Timeline.  Everything goes well to that point.


      Because I shot a variety of scenes at different times with different themes I must necessarily split the clip into many smaller clips.  In doing this I am able to separate the resulting multiple clips preparatory to creating their own individual movie, ie my home movie shots can be connected together, and shots from my daughter's family I would like to separate out and then connect them together for their own movie.  This is easily done using iMovie by moving clips back up to the equivalent of the Organize Panel so they can be used later to create their own movie.  However, I find that PE9 will not allow me to move clips from Sceneline or Timeline back up to the Organize Panel.  This is my problem.  What am I doing wrong?  Or is this a normal characteristic of PE9?


      Moving clips between the Timeline/Sceneline back up to the organize panel was simple and easy with iMovie.  Again, what am I doing wrong?



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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          I'm not quite sure what you're trying to do -- but I don't think it can be done the way you're describing it in Premiere Elements.


          If you're trying to trim a video, go to the Project panel, not the Organize panel. (As I say in my books, the Organize panel is the single most confusing panel in the whole system -- and it's best to ignore it most of the time.)


          Double-click on a clip in the Project panel and the Clip Monitor will open. In this panel you can set the In and Out Points so that only a portion of this clip will actually display when it's added to the timeline. If you drag the clip from the Clip Monitor to the Project panel, it will save this segment as a clip.


          Is that what you're trying to do?


          Are you looking for a good book?

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            Ted Smith Level 3

            You arent actually 'moving' a clip to the timeline when you drag from the organiser.

            Clips are not a copy of a part of a file.

            Both the organiser and the timeline are only a different way of viewing the same video file, the latter being able to view part of the file only.


            Therfore to remove a section of video from the timeline simply put a break at the in and out points (the little scissors icon) select the portion of clip to be deleted and press the delete key. It doesnt really get deleted as such but hidden. You can even readjust the cut points by dragging them (little red square C)


            If the audio and video are still linked the gap will close up when you delete.


            There will be no effect on the original video file.


            If I want to use the same part of the original file twice (eg.audience clapping) I paste a second 'copy' of the clip where they are clapping on the timeline at the end and drag it to the second track and drag it back to where I want it. But I still amd using really the one video file. It doesnt actually copy the file.


            If you break then unlink the audio and video of the bit to be deleted, only the selected audio or video will dissapear and you can easily overlap audio and video like having a person talking over a scene before he appears because you moved the camera when he started to talk.


            Just one reason why PE is so good!

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              frogstomper247 Level 1

              Thank you for attempting to answer my question.  It is possible you didn't understand what I am trying to do.  Out-taking split clips from the Timeline is a common move in iMovie and I thought PE9 would work the same way.  So many say that Premiere Elements is a top notch program...hope to be able to make the same claim someday.


              Here is an example of what I want to do:  I have a lengthy video in my camera (up to 2 hours) of events that have occured over perhaps a 6 to 9 month span of time.  Included on this video are various scenes that occur at various times from many various locations.  Let's say I have video scenes taken around our home that were shot at several different times thru the year.  Interspersed among my home videos are several scenes of my daughter and my grandkids also shot at several different times like birthdays, soccer games, Christmas, etc.


              My goal would be to import the whole 2 hours of video into PE9 (easy), place split marks where the scenes of my daughter's family occur (also easy), and then 'out take' back to the 'Organize' panel or wherever they should go (not so easy) so that I can now completely render a movie of just my home scenes and later bring the 'out take' clips of my daughter's family into the sceneline and render a movie of just those scenes.


              I keep referring to iMovie, a program you may not be familiar with, which allows the original clip to be dragged to the time line, or to be dragged back up to the import panel.  Likewise, the split of any clip split can be dragged back to the import panel for use later on.


              This seems like it should be common practice with any video editor, but without an owner's manual or tutorial I have yet to discover how to do this with PE9.  Perhaps my handicap is having become familiar with iMovie.  PE9, of course, does not have to mimic iMovie.  In fact, it should be much more superior AND flexible.


              If you can explain to me how to out-take the split clips, and where they are stored until they are needed, I will be most grateful.  Perhaps PE9 uses a whole different concept for accomplishing this, but I am a true neophyte to PE9 and I don't what that process is.



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                Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                As Ted says, you can't do that quite the same way in Premiere Elements.


                It might be best to use both programs, then, so you can take advantage of the best features of each.

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                  nealeh Level 5

                  What you put a clip on the timeline is not really the video clip but a link to it. Even when you render and share your video the original clip remains untouched and always available in the organiser for use in any number of projects.


                  Having split your clips in the timeline all you need to do is select the part you don't want and press the [Delete] key - this causes a ripple erase where subsequent clips slide left to fill the gap. If you don't want the later clips to fill the gap use [Shift]+[Delete]. Remember NONE OF THIS AFFECTS THE ORIGINAL CLIP. That clip remains, complete, for use in your current or other projects.


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                    frogstomper247 Level 1

                    You guys have been great.  Thanks...........


                    I broke down and ordered Steve's book.  Hopefully that will solve everything

                    that might come up in the future.  Looks like I gotta divorce myself from











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                    Subject: Moving a clip back to the "Organize Panel"


                    As Ted says, you can't do that quite the same way in Premiere Elements.


                    It might be best to use both programs, then, so you can take advantage of the

                    best features of each.


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                      Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                      I'm grateful for the support, Vance! Thanks for ordering the book!


                      But don't throw iMovie out yet. As I've said, there's much to be said for taking the best parts of several programs.

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                        Ted Smith Level 3

                        I'm sorry you 'broke down'. Obviously I didn't explain better but this is how PE9 would work for the example you gave me


                        Select all the files in the PE9 organiser and drag all the files to the timeline.


                        Mark the in and out points of the clips of your family you dont want to show in the first movie

                        Save as a copy of the project at this stage with a new name. This will become your second movie.

                        Select clips by clicking on the unwanted part of the timeline

                        Press delete key to remove unwanted parts removing your family. This is just like dragging them back to the organiser in IMovie

                        Make the first movie


                        When you want to make the second movie with just your family, open the above copy with edit points you made before deleting

                        Select and delete the parts you previously used in the first movie leaving only your family

                        Make the second movie like the above


                        When you initially drag the wanted all the clips to a timeline you are not really moving any files in your computer even if it might look like that.

                        You are merely telling the editor you want to use the file. The original files are untouched.


                        Dragging them back in IMovie is the same as deleting in PE9. Nothing gets really deleted. It is just telling the editor you dont want them included in the movie. Just a different way of doing the same thing.


                        You're not really deleting or moving anything because the clip is not a copy of the original, just an instruction to the editor to use that part of the file.


                        Then beauty of this is that you can change your mind an use a bit more or less of a clip without having to drag it back to the timeline because it was never really there in the first place - does this make sense?

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                          frogstomper247 Level 1

                          Great explanation, Ted.  My real problem was thinking that PE9 was going to

                          work something like iMovie, and I didn't have the PE9 concept of doing

                          things yet.  Now that I have played around with it a little more I am coming

                          to realize that this is a major 'Top Dog" video editor...quite similar in

                          scope to how Cubase relates to MIDI and audio editing.  I am beginning to

                          see how it makes iMovie seem like a toy.  I just thought I could sit down

                          and make everything work right off the bat.  Not so simple!  But quite

                          rewarding once one gets the hang of it.


                          Thank you for your guiding steps.  I have already made the first movie by

                          deleting the scenes I didn't want to be in it.  It's kinda rudimentary in

                          style, but  that's because I don't know yet exactly where or how to find all

                          the bells and whistles that are available.


                          I believe the book will come in very handy.  I'm an old geezer and things

                          just don't come to me as intuitively as they once did...and I don't always

                          remember how I did something, so I have to relearn several times before I

                          gel it in my mind.


                          My next try is to learn how to REALLY DELETE, completely get rid of, a

                          cut-out portion of a clip or scene; like the blue or white noise that occurs

                          sometimes between scenes in the video.  Maybe I'll find as I go that they

                          are not bothersome, but right now I am thinking I should get rid of them

                          permanently and leave just the cuts that I want to use.  We'll see.  I

                          probably am not using my "PE9 Thinking Cap" just yet.  Big learning curve

                          ahead of me...I can tell.


                          You guys on the forum are great.  Much appreciated.



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                            Ted Smith Level 3

                            No No!

                            You dont want to really remove the unwanted bits! This serves no purpose.


                            This is because the end product you produce is a completely new type of file on the DVD made from only the wanted bits of your original media.

                            Sort of like using "export" in cubase.


                            Only when you are completely satisfied with your end product and made your DVD and no longer want to make any more changes you can delete the whole original media file.


                            If you want to keep an edited copy on your computer you have to put the end result to the disk instead of the DVD before you delete the original.

                            Then you can burn from this file to the DVD rather than running the project each time you want a DVD copy.


                            To delete an unwanted bloop simply position the cursor line before the bloop and click on the scissor symbol under the preview window. Select after the bloop and click on the scissor. Click on the unwanted part between the cuts and press the delete key. You can drag the edges of the cut to trim if you dont get it exactly right (such as chopping out a rude word) If you unlink the audio and video before cutting you can bleep out a rude word so only lip readers can hear it!


                            This is also  great for having the cut between scenes in video at a different point to audio such as if you moved or focussed the camera during the first seconds of a take and you want to disguise it.


                            I'm also an old geezer but I use Cakewalk instead of Cubase but it's much the same.

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                              nealeh Level 5

                              You could also move the in & out points of the clip. Some transitions use the first/last few frames of a clip during the transition - this explains it: Handles & Transitions - What are They?


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