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    After Effects will not register any sound files.


      Problem - When ever i bring a sound file or any file that contains sound into AE, the sound is non existent.

      Below is a link to a image so you can see what i mean




      As you can see, the wave file has no option to mute the file. I can not use the drop down arrow to view the wave length since the file is empty.



      History - Just recently the computer i work on at my workplace was hit with a trojan and we had to do a reformat and install everything again.

      Prior to this i had been working on numerous projects that ranged fro 15 secs to 2 mins.

      All of these projects used .wav files for sound and in some cases a .mov was present in which i would simply hide the video and have the sound running.


      I have tried using every sound or mov file that i had used in the past for projects that worked but the same result keeps appearing.



      PC specs -


      Intel Core 2 Duo

      E8400 @ 3.00 ghz

      3.00ghz, 3.25 gb RAM

      Windows XP Pro Service Pack 3


      After Effects CS4



      Updated : I opened a old project that had a .mov with sound in it and the sound icon was their to mute the .mov.

      When i tried to ram preview the following error came up.


      After Effects Debug Event


      After Effects has encountered an error