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    PrE9: Unable to set duration for slides using Edit>Preferences>General

    fjintl Level 1

      Using PrE9, I have set the frame count to 60 (2 secs) for Stills but PrE9 appears to be set to approx 150 (5 secs).  The Preference shows as 60 frames each time I double check the Edit>Preferences>General setting but dragging a slide down to the Video 1 Timeline defaults to 5 seconds each time.  I have tried restarting PrE9 and even rebooting but nothing changes the 5 second duration when I drag a slide down.  "Help" suggests "Right-click/ctrl-click in the Project view of the Tasks panel and choose Still Image Duration" but that option does not exist.  How can I set the duration I want for stills?