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    Make a box appear on rollover - and stay


      I'm designing a site where I want a box to appear when a user rollsover a button.  I can get it to work just fine except I would like it to stay in place so a user can click a link.  How is this best accomplished?



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          Chris W. Griffith Adobe Community Professional

          Not sure how your Flash Catalyst project is structured, but you might want the rollover to trigger going to a new state rather than changing a component's state. You will have to think the interactions through to decide how the pop up box will be removed.


          From a interaction design point of view, I think clicking the items makes more user friendly sense, have a disclosure arrow appear on the rollover, then click item to see the sub list. But that is the beauty of Flash Catalyst is that you can prototype this out first, try it, then see if it makes sense.


          Good luck

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            jffst0ney Level 1

            Chris, thanks a ton for your help!  That totally worked.  I was thinking about it all wrong.



            I am having another problem.  On these "popup boxes" I have just some simple text.  The only problem is that when I try to copy and paste some text into a text box it works fine until I click on another layer.  When I come back to the text box, all my text is gone.  I don't think its a bug and I have tried on both mac and pc.  I just think I'm doing something wrong.  Any help would be appreceiated.

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              Bear Travis Adobe Employee

              Hi there,


              I'm trying to understand exactly how to recreate this problem. It sounds like you are experiencing this problem working in Catalyst (not when previewing your project). Are you working with text created with the text tool, or text inside of a component (like a button or text input). When you click on another layer, do you still see the pasted text, or has it already disappeared?


              If you could post a project and just give some detailed instructions for how to recreate the problem, I could take a look.