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    Problems exporting design in css


      Hi all. i am having a few problems exporting my design.


      I have a fade image near the bottom of the page 740x20px. when i export this it moves 1px to the right, any ideas why? the only way i can get it in place is to edit the css margin-left from 0 to -1px


      secondly i have a few sections of text for example,

      package     price     information

      demo 1       £3.00   demo text

      demo 2       £5.00   demo text


      i would like them to come out like this with the tabs although it doesnt reconise the spaces, ive tried word-spacing although when i change the spaceing to say 20px on the top line and 20 px on the bottom they dont match up as some have more or less letters in a word, do you get what i mean?


      Any help would be great.

      Thanks rob.