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    With Flash Catalyst - sizing issue with artboard


      i have created an artboard along with all my images etc. 900 x 300 all my images sit outside these boarders, when i check to see how my project is working part of the images to the right of the artboard come up in plain view.  I have checked my artboard size and moved my images further to the right and they keep coming up. 


      Can anyone help me.



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          Bear Travis Adobe Employee

          Hi there,


          It is a bit confusing. Even though you have set the artboard size, content placed outside the artboard will render. This includes your images. If you do not wish for them to show up, you can toggle their visibility, or you can work around this issue to get the effect of clipping your swf to the artboard size. To clip the content, select it all and convert it to a custom component. Edit that component, turn off auto-sizing the component bounds, turn on clipping content to bounds, and adjust the component bounds to what you would like to display.


          There's an example of managing the bounds and clipping of a custom component in this tutorial towards the end.



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            rotoka Level 1

            Hi Bear,


            Thanks for the email i have tried to do the whole clipping thing i can see how it would work in certain scenarios but when i did it, it took away all my interactions etc.


            I did the toggle thing which did work for the images but not the writing. 


            My artboard is 900 wide so i moved my wrting all the way over to 1200 on the right to get it off the screen.  my main problem is now when i put into dreamweaver html and play looks fine, but when i upload to internet i have all that extra room on the right and a little on the bottom.


            One thing that confuses me is that i have images on the left and they dont show up at all the artboard only extends to the right and a little on the bottom out of the artboard specified size.


            help kathy