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    Slow to open and close - large websites


      I have been using Dreamweaver and I really love it, but there is one thing that kinda bothers me and I am hoping a change in some settings will help. My website is pretty big with lots of images and PDF's - some videos. I would say there is probably some 10,000 plus pages in both the private and public parts of my site.

      When I open Dreamweaver, it thinks for awhile as it loads the cache, and when I shut it down, I suppose the cache is being cleared or something as it can take up to 3 minutes to close.

      How can I speed this up? By the way, the smaller sub-sites do not behave this way as the caching is much smaller.
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          I had this problem and when looking at the page file sizes on my pc, I found that each page was over 600kb, this seemed strange as it is onlt html code.
          Upon investigation it turned out that a menu, created in Fireworks had somehow had hundreds of behaviors for one of the dropdowns copied on top of each other. The page code showed this.
          Once I fixed this problem by deleting the behaviors and remaking just one the pages were only 20k and the whole thing worked a lot faster.