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    Converting pdf to text programticaly




      i am developing an application that is used to parse(convert) pdf files to text file where i can extract data from that text file and use those data in my c# application to store it in database ,,i have tried so many libraries like itextsharp,,abcpdf,,pdfbox and add each to my application and it converts the pdf successfully but that conversion not helped me as my pdf is arabic (rtl language) so the conversion becomes wrong so none of these libraries helped me to do my task ,,then i opened the adobe reader and i find that i can save the pdf file as text file and it saves it like i want and the output is readable text file in arabic,,


      my question is there a dll supported by adobe for .net developing ,,i can use in my .net c# application and use it;s function to convert the pdf file as text,,


      thnx in advance