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    XMLListCollection Caching

    NumberNineteen Level 1
      I have been fighting an evil caching issue in Firefox. On 2 of 3 PC's I have tested on, my XMLListCollection is getting cached. This does not occur in IE or the 3rd PC in Firefox. Someone please help before I do myself harm...

      The XMLListCollection is built by an HTTPService (e4x) call that returns the data from single XML files. When I request a particular XML file to load, I call my HTTPService send with the URL of the XML file. The resulting XML is returned via the server side PHP script, the XMLListCollection is updated (supposedly) and then a tree control is rendered from that XML data. I am then able to edit the values of the XML nodes by sending another call to a PHP script to edit the values in the XML file. So, when I make my edits, my tree control values are updated, and my preview is accurate. The XML file on the server reflects the changes as well. But as soon as I load another XML file, and return back to the original file (making the HTTPService calls again) the XML displayed from the XMLListCollection is old. The XML result return from the HTTPService call is accurate, but the XMLListCollection won't reflect the change.

      What do I do?