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    item edit end issue

    jfb00 Level 3


      I have a datagrid, some calculations fired if a number is change in a particular column (ITEM_TOTAL), for that I have a function that fires on dg method itemEditEnd="onItemEditEnd(event)"

      If a press ENTER after changing the number the function fires all the time but if I leave the cell using the mouse pointing to any other place sometimes it doesn't work. Is this a bug? I'm using flash builder 4 with SDK 3.5

      Or maybe I'm missing something. Here is my function:


      private function onItemEditEnd(e:DataGridEvent):void
                      if(e.dataField == "ITEM_NAME") { //One column that have comboBox as itemEditor
                          var cEditor:myItemEditor = dgCustomEditor.itemEditorInstance as myItemEditor;
                          var item:Object = cEditor.selectedItem;
                      if(e.dataField == "ITEM_TOTAL") { //Other column just for numbers
                      acExecution.refresh(); //This is DG arrayCollection


      Any ideas?