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    Form filling in Adobe Reader X


      To all,


      I just downloaded ARx & am having difficulty filling in a PDF form I downloaded.

      I remember doing this before & the form, I think, had a sort of purple/blue outline indicating, to me anyway, one could fill in the fields & print but not save, which is what I want.


      However now using ARx, this form, I downloaded again from a council website (see link below), does not have the outline colour thingy I mentioned above. I checked the file properties & it say's form fields allowed. The "I" typing cursor does "blink" when docked in the form fields, but an error WinXP sound flags up suggesting it's not available, nothing happen's when I type, the cursors just sits in the form field.


      So if anyone has any ideas, please reply back, not too sure even is this document actually has this ability, so included the link below for some bright spark to give it a go.


      Many thanks in advance.