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    frame per seconds


      hi, im new on this forum, i have a question about frame per seconds


      ive created a stickman

      this animation hase example 50 frames

      i set frame per seconds 14


      how i can set different speed for different frame?


      frame 1-22 speed 14

      frame 23-41 spped 18

      frame 42-50 speed 5

      is this possible?

      if yes, how?

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          If you are using AS3 you can change the speed dynamically using the stage.frameRate property.  So if you start with it at 14, then at frame 23 you would use...


          stage.frameRate = 18;


          and at frame 42 you would use..


          stage.frameRate = 5;


          If you are using AS2, it is not possible to change the frame rate.