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    Cairngorm: A Simple Sample Application Explained questions.

    jgf1 Level 1

      I've been looking at this example here.

      1) There is a statement just after half way through the document.

      <DynamicCommand type="{ SearchContactsCommand }"/>
      When I've tried to search on this I can't find it! Where do they expect me to be looking for this?
      It talks about this being 'inside a Parsley context'.
      I'm assumed this was the artefact called InsyncContext.mxml?

      The document also calls it the 'InsyncBasic' application. I'm presuming this relates to the project insync-cairngorm-basic and the mxml file within it.

      (Just want to make sure I'm searching for the dynamic command in the correct folder)

      2)  I also posted a question on StackOverflow pertaining to 'Channel.Ping.Failed error Detected duplicate HTTP-based FlexSessions,'

      I had a look at Alexander Glosband's post, but couldn't ascertain from reading this how to configure the server-side to fix this.

      Can someone help me on this score. (I was running the insync-plain app at the time I experienced this, after initially following the 'Getting Started.pdf' in the flex-frameworks zip for the server-side. I'd been trying to capture pictures with web cam and save contact when I experienced the problems.

      This would be a good one for Christophe Coenraets, as I think this was his creation. But if anyone can answer either of these questions, I'd be most grateful.