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    p2p NetConnection stability


      Hi everybody,


      i developed a p2p application where users can connect to each other via p2p.


      For  this I use NetConnection and NetStream. But sometimes the connection  between the to clients disconnects without any assitance.


      I debugged my code and added trace outputs everywhere in the code. But i only get the event of "netstream.closed". So nothing else happend before.


      Now my question is can i get more stability to the p2p connection and how could that be done?


      I hope this is the right forum.


      Thanks in advance



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          xxael Level 1

          Is there nobody else who has this problem?


          Is there  someting like a puffer or timeout which i can specifiy to bring more  stability between two clients connected via netConnection?


          Can the network variations cause the stream to close?



          Thanks in advance