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    Grrrr.   PE 9.0  How do I change Audio input in dropdown screen?


      This sounds like a simple question, right?  Not so, when I use Edit - Preferences - Audio I am unable to make changes in the input area.  The mouse click does not generate any activity.  When I want to change the output side of the screen, after some fumbling around, .e.g, click on the box, move the blue highlighting by pressing the down arrow, clicking several times on the desired area of change, SOMETIMES I can get get the change made.  It took three hours to find the combination of mouse clicks and keyboard entries to just enable my headset for output.  Bur the input side still remains unrevealed.  Any dies on the correct way to get the program to simply accept a click on the input point?


      Editorial - I have used Adobe Premiere Elements for years.  I installed 7.0 on my 64 bit version of Win7 without any problems whatsoever.  This version (9.0), though, seems to have some changes that are completely unnecessary.  Example, my previous version had everything on one drop down screen when a change was desired for Audio.  I think a lot of rearranging and combining of preexisting screens does not constitute a well thought out change; rather it introduces more opportunity for programming errors in the program.  That said, I know there are a number of new features (most of them, I don't need).


      Also, I have done troubleshooting on my mouse - exchanging with another mouse, delete and reinstall the mouse drive, cleaning the mouse, ad nauseum but still have the problem.


      I you have made it through to this point maybe YOU have the patience to think this problem through and offer some help.




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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          I've never seen anything like that in several generations of this software.


          But if you're stuck and no one else has a suggestion, it's probably best to contact Adobe Tech Support.

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            Ted Smith Level 3

            I have noticed that whenever you can't seem to get a response to presets, it is because the tick or text boxes are disabled or 'greyed' out in the old Microsoft style.They are purposely this way because you have selected an option where their changing is not appropriate or meaningful.


            However some unusable options remain visible instead of disapearing like they might do in other programs which can be a bit confusing.


            This is made worse by Adobe's choice of dark grey colors which, while looking sexy, is a departure from the standard Microsoft style. It makes this difference hard to see whether it is usable or not, particularly if you have the 'brightness' on your computer monitor not ideally adjusted which is what I suspect. (or you are sitting in a brightly lit room)


            You should be just able to discern the difference between the two darkest steps of a greyscale test pattern with the darkest still being as black as possible.

            Many LCD monitors have very limited operator brightbess control, some none at all so you might never see what your movie really looks like either.

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              STURNC Level 1

              Well, I finally calmed down after venting my frustration and started to do proper troubleshooting.  All of my problems (Not able to change settings with the mouse click and unable to do narrative) were solved by purchase and installation of a wireless mouse and keyboard.  Since I had installed another mouse before the wireless one, I traced the problem to a defective keyboard.  How the keyboard interfered I can't explain but if I go back the old keyboard the problem recurs.  There is nothing wrong with this program (There definitely was something wrong with the owner of the program!) that proper troubleshooting could not cure.  I am not highly praising version 9.0 since there is not a whole lot of difference between it and version 7.0 but it is a good program.


              Noteworthy is that since I did not give up trying different tactics, in the process of getting the settings right, I am now using a USB headset and it works fine with narrative.


              I have Win7 64 bit

              ASUS computer w/16 GB RAM

              Logitech headset

              Tevion wireless mouse and keyboard

              GeForce 9800GT

              and a gazillion GM of storage space.

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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                Glad that things are now working fine for you.


                Over the years, I have seen issues with input devices, and especially with ones that use a driver, like a cordless mouse, or keyboard. With Adobe programs, there have been several versions of the MS InteliPoint mouse drivers, and also with the Logitec SetPoint drivers. With other brands, there are likely even more variables. Many input devices will work just fine with the OS's generic drivers, though one often looses some functionality with the device. That was the "fix" when MS was issuing problem InteliPoint drivers, until they got 'em fixed. I still use some Logitec devices, but do not use the SetPoint drivers, as I have had major issues with SetPoint.


                It is especially good to hear that your USB headset is working, as many users never get USB mics to work in most Adobe programs. I have one 5.1 SS headphone set, that will just not work with some Adobe programs (works fine with Audition though), and I do not use its mic for various reasons. All USB devices (and drivers) are not created equal, at least as far as Adobe is concerned.


                Good luck, and happy editing,



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                  STURNC Level 1

                  Back again with an update.  My USB Headset is working fine.  I just discovered a potential problem; on my compuiter, at least, if you set the screen resolution to 150% in order to better see the small print in Adobe, there will be problem clicking in the various settings boxes.  For example, I had terrible time changing the input to recognize my Logitech headset.  There were other settings I could only access by using the tab key and shift and return.  Not all at once or even sequentially, just trial and error.


                  What I think happens with the large screen settings (my raw uneducated hypothesis here) is that somehow the exact pixel where mouse cursor must click does not properly align in the small box and after clicking on the box there is reaction.  I would suggest that maybe one of the troubleshooting steps for problems such as I had could or should include a review of the screen resolution.


                  Since I have gotten my program working well,  at least for now, I wanted to share this with the forum.


                  Another thought:  Many people,  and I don't exclude myself, get angry with a program or the computer and make a lot of accusations when, in fact, they caused the issue themselves.  I know I did, I wanted to increase the size of the letters for optimum viewing and introduced the problem.


                  My hat is off to all of you moderators and forum monitors for being able to temper your replies to not show how dumb we can get at times.

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                    the_wine_snob Level 9

                    Thank you for sharing. Often, with display issues, a common suggestion is to make sure that one has set their monitor to the native resolution.





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                      nealeh Level 5

                      In every version of Windows the feature to generically enlarge all text has always created further problems. I don't recommend it.


                      Here is the screen from W7, other windows versions will look different but usually offer these three presets. In XP I think one could even set a custom percentage.



                      But I do have more success by individually resizing the various elements of Windows (tile bars, dialog boxes, ...). These are all the adjustable elements:




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