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    looking for api hooks w/o invoking server


      hi there,


      i'm looking into the automated conversion of millions of pdf's from version 1.0 to 1.4 A/1-b.


      i am evaluating multiple ways to do this, and i have no prior experience with livecycle, but i am an experienced programmer. most of these pdf's are quite large (some gigabytes in size) and so i'm looking for a way to use the api without having to invoke a service over the network. i have looked into watched folders, and this maybe the way to go, but i'm really hoping for hooks into an api that basically allows me to open a pdf in place, manipulate it (add, change or remove some parts such as xmp, creator, document id, etc), and then save it as pdf A\1-b. are there any such hooks in the api? if not, would i need to build a custom service that did the above, and then invoke over the network, or have it watch a folder?


      basically, i hoping to not to have to use the lc es server.


      any thoughts/help are appreciated!

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          Hodmi Level 4

          If you're going to be processing millions of large documents in a batch operation, then you really need the power that a server side software suite gives you.


          The server is not going to be able to process a document unless its "on the server" (in memory or whatever).  Any service that you invoke (using watch folder, web service, REST, etc.) is going to need the document as a parameter.  Given the size of the documents, the server will most likley also need to write the file to a temporary store while they are being processed.


          If, however these millions of documents are coming from millions of sources, then you may want to look at a client based/distrubuted solution.  If that is the case, then LiveCycle may not be the best solution for you.

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            ae@lm.doe.gov Level 1

            hi there,


            thanks for your response! a few additional questions:


            1) how, generally, would one go about using the server to manipulate a pdf in the way that i need to (ie. add, modify, delete parts of the pdf, and then save as v1.4 a/1-b? specifically, what services/methods in the api?


            2) i have found in some forums issues surrounding the processing of very large pdf's in livecycle. are there known size limitations? are these limitations remediable?


            3) what product(s) does adobe offer, other than livecycle, for manipulating existing pdf's in the way i need to in a batch environment?






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              Hodmi Level 4

              1 - Add, modify, delete pages and save as PDF/A.   This would be done by the Assembler module using the invokeDDX API. A DDX file is an XML file that provides commands as to how you want to add/modify/delete the document.


              2  - LiveCycle can handle large documents, but the environment in which it is running may need to be tuned.  Service time-outs, JVM memory settings, disk/database sizing and J2EE system configuration will need to be taken into account.


              3 - Adobe's product for manipulating batches of documents as you describe is LiveCycle.