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    PSD files not importing properly into AFX CS5?


      I'm having a bit of trouble with After Effects CS5 and Photoshop CS5 .psd files.


      Basically I've got a few images that I want to import into AFX as .psd files but when ever I do, all the images show the exact same image, yet when I open them in Photoshop CS5 the image that I made is there so I know I haven't saved over my files.

      This occurs wether importing as multiple files or singular. I click the Photoshop sequence option as well as clicking the composition - keep all layer styles.


      What am I doing wrong and why aren't my images showing up as individual images but rather all of them being the same one image regardless of what I've imported?

      Do I have to import as footage rather than composition?


      Thank you and hope that made sense, if not, please ask me to explain as I need to fix this quite fast.

      Thank you.