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    Animated Gears in Flash




      But before I will go into details of my problem let me state something - I'm absolute beginner in Flash. I got my copy yesterday and just today I ordered Flash CS5 Essential Training from fine folks at Lynda.com. So if you don't mind explaining how stuff works to a complete novice read on!


      I was haunting the net in search of some tips how to make animated cogs but I didn't really found a lot of useful informations. Thanks to one website (you can find it here) I know about cog ratio and how to figure out how many times each of them have to turn. Other sites I stumbled upon explain how to make a gears but arent giving me options to determine exact shape, dimension and number of those.


      Technically I can't figure out how to actually make cogs in Flash. Drawing a circle is simple enough but how about the teeth on the circle? I found a tutorial here saying to use "Rotate Arbitrary" command, but author of that tutorial is referring to Flash Designer and I was unable to find similar option in CS5. I think that I need to draw a circle and then, somewhere on the side, draw just one of the teeth of desired size and shape. Next, in some obscure and esoteric way, I need to "add" it to a circle and rotate / duplicate it. If I want to do another gear I just use different size of a circle but the same teeth - and use cog ratio to figure out proportions and time needed for full circle. Could someone tell me if I'm on the right track and what is this magic spell used for creating teeth on the circle?


      I just want to make simple black and white gears and animate them. But how about making those gears appear 3D? Could someone point me in the right direction?